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FanExpo VancouverVancouverFeb 17-19
AnimethonEdmontonAug 9-11
AniRevoVancouverAug 9-11
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Brand Project

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Art Commissions

✶ Chibi Art - $50

Package: Full body and rendered chibi art + simple color background.
+$15 per additional character

✶ Sketch Portrait - $65

Package : Greyscale Sketch style portrait with optional 1 color
+$20 per additional character

✶ Full-rendered Portrait - $75-100

Package: Chest to waist illustration. Full lineart and color + simple background
+$40 per additional character | Price will depend on complexity/details of the art.

✶ Full-rendered Dynamic/Full - $150++

Package: Full body, dynamic or conceptual art
- Price will depend on complexity/ details. Please message me for price.
*note: price will start at 150

✶ Emotes & Badges - $50

Package : Set of 4 Emotes/Badges
+$10 for additional emote/badge

Art Commissions

Terms of Service

Before commissioning, please read carefully the Terms of Services.When purchasing my services, you agree to these following conditions:
- All transactions will be made through invoice via PayPal.
- Prices listed are all USD.
- Time frame progress might change due to artist's emergencies or life events. The client will be notified if there are time/deadline changes.

The Client (You)

- The client is expected to read the Terms of Services.
- The client may use the commissioned work for personal use only.
- The client is NOT authorized to make any changes, modify or use the finished artworks for commercial purposes without the artist’s permission.
- The client may share the commissioned artwork on social media provided that the artist is credited.
- Kindly prepare the reference materials for the commission work before submitting a form.
- In case of an Original Character, the client retains the rights to the character and any posts the artist makes about the commissioned work, the client will always be credited as owner.
- If the client is a minor, it is expected to have authorization from parents or legal guardians before making any payments.
- The client is not allowed to use the artist’s works for hateful, discriminatory purposes.

The Artist (AngelsTale)

- The Artist reserves the right to share and post the work in progress and finished artwork in my gallery, portfolio and socials.
- The Artist reserve the right to decline your commission if it doesn’t meet the WILL DO criteria and TOS.
- If the client is not comfortable with the commissioned art being shared, the client needs to inform the artist about it.
- If client have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Business/Commercial Purposes:

For business purposes, please kindly let the artist know or send a message.
The following cases are considered commercial use: Reproducing and selling the artwork, publicly or privately, cases where client receive profit from a medium/platform where client have posted the artist's artwork, (eg. Patreon, YouTube, Twitch, a personal site, business cards etc).

Refunds and Cancellation:

- Once the rough sketch is done, approved by the client and payment has been accepted,
there won't be any refunds.
- By placing an order the client agrees to these terms and conditions.

Art Commissions

Order Form


- Please use the order form and provide details of what type of art you want.
- Reference images are highly encouraged. The more details, the better the artist can visualize and create what you want.
- After details are read and finalized, the artist will confirm the art commission price.
- Full Payment should be paid via paypal ( An invoice will be sent through the client's Paypal email provided. Once payment is received, creation process will start.


- Sketch (watermarked) - will be sent to you for checking & approval
- Lineart/Lineart + Flats (watermarked) - - will be sent to you for checking.
- Finished Colored piece (low res + watermarked) - - will be sent to you for approval.
- High Res file of Artwork with no watermark (Final Product), in PNG and JPEG
- Canvas sizes used are 3000x3000px (for chibi & sketch portraits), 3000x3000px or 8.5x11in for Full-render portrait & fullbody art.
- Revisions - can only be done twice, preferably during sketch phase and flat color phase. This is to avoid delay and smoother workflow.
- Timeframe to finish the work varies from a few days to 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of work. If there is any delay, I will let you know immediately.

- Original Charactersx NSFW
- Anime/Game charactersx Gore
- Kawaii/Cute Artx Mecha
- Couple Artx Hyper Detailed Backgrounds

About Angels

Hello! I'm Ellie/Angel!I'm an artist based in Vancouver, Canada!
I've work professionally in the game industry and now
I am working on my own small business and brand
using my experience and knowledge!
My constant inspirations are games, anime and cute things! ♥
When I have time, I do art and gaming stream on Twitch.

Game Projects

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